Lubo Kristek-genius Loci Cobwebbed.

Lubo Kristek-genius Loci Cobwebbed.

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The guide through the oeuvre of the sculptor, painter and performer Lubo Kristek in the context of genius loci.

English edition of the collection of texts by German art historians Hartfrid Neunzert and Sonia Fischer, the Czech art historian and anthropologist Barbora Půtová, and others. Rich picture material. Archival photographs and documents from the 1940s up to the present – Kristek’s roots, his German period, his creation in the public space or in the sacral environment, his wanderings around the world as well as his returns home, the Chateau Lubo in Podhradí nad Dyjí and the Kristek House in Brno.

Documentation of Kristek’s legendary happenings, including photographs and pre-speeches by Ludvík Kundera and Jaromír Tomeček. Lubo Kristek in the historical testimony of, for example, the theorists Jaroslav Dresler, Walter Etschmann, Karel Friedrich, Johanna Kerschner, Ina Kresse or Vlastimil Mrva; the artist’s symbology or critical assemblages. The hardbound book brings a piece of the genius loci from Kristek’s immediate proximity.

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