In the Shadow of the Fasces I. Italy and the Destruction of Czechoslovakia 1938/1939.


In the Shadow of the Fasces I. Italy and the Destruction of Czechoslovakia 1938/1939.

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The book entitled Italy and the Destruction of Czechoslovakia 1938/1939 represents first part of the monograph on the Czechoslovak-Italian relations in the years 1938–1945. It deals with the role of Italian diplomacy in the gradual destruction of Czechoslovakia and its democraticorder in 1938/39 period. The mutual relations between Czechoslovakia and Fascist  Italy in thelate 1930’s were so far dealt in far lesser extent than Czechoslovak relations to Nazi Germany. However also Italy and Benito Mussolini personally played an important role in the break-upof Czechoslovakia starting with the German Anschluss of Austria, following Munich Agreement of September 1938 and Vienna Award of November 1938 ending with the establishment of independent Slovak state and Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in March 1939. Czechoslovak-Italian relations in this period must thus be seen as a part of broader context of Mussolini’s foreign policies over the period of 1930’s including the gradual development and peculiarities of German-Italian Alliance as well as relations of Italy to other states in the region, especially Austria, Hungary and Poland. The book is based on the archival research conducted by authors both in Prague and in Rome and on the published diplomatic documents. However it deals also with other aspects of mutual relations including economic, commercial  or cultural ones.

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Autor(en) Kuklík, Jan – Jan Něměček
Erscheinungsort Praha/ Řím
Verlag Historický ústav AVČR – Instituto Storico Ceco di Roma
Erscheinungsjahr 2019
Reihe Biblioteca dell´Instituto Storico Ceco di Roma, vol.6.
ISBN 978-80-7286-351-8
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