For the Eyes to Admire: Decorative Techniques in Painting and Sculpture, 14th-16th Century.

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This art-historical monograph is the sequel to the book What the Eyes Cannot See. It is the first publication of its kind to explore decorative techniques in Bohemian medieval art. It draws on information gathered during an ambitious interdisciplinary project focused on historical techniques in Bohemian Gothic art from the collection of the National Gallery Prague, including long-term loans. The research results and interpretation of specialized analyses are divided into chapters addressing the themes that also appear in the catalogue, which includes almost fifty paintings and sculptures. The publication focuses on materials, techniques, metal covering and pressed or embossed decoration. The introductory studies examine aspects of workshop practice, material composition of individual patterns and decorative schemes. The texts are accompanied by tables and a wealth of photodocumentation.

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Autor(en) Dáňová, Helena - Štěpánka Chlumská:
Erscheinungsort Praha
Verlag Národní galerie
Erscheinungsjahr 2020
ISBN 978-80-7035-680-7
Seitenzahl 312
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