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Alfred Freddy Krupa (14 June 1971) is a contemporary painter, master draughtsman and art teacher.

Autor fotografije/reprodukcija je Zvonimir Gerber, uvodnog teksta Casey Shannon (USA), osvrta Ransui Yakata (Japan), urednica Višnja Lasić, stručni suradnik Gradski muzej Karlovac.

Fokus monografije je na tkz. modernom slikarstvu tušem i posljednoj dekadi rada, međutim vrlo detaljna hemeroteka/bibliografija, biografija i pregled likovne kritike/osvrta (Albaneže, Quien, Marciuš, Špoljarić, Baldani, Muić, Banov i drugi) pokrivaju razdoblje od 25 godina i svojevrstan su 'catalogue raisonné'.

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This is a sort of zero-edition of a book quite opinionated and done with some auto-ironising tone, relaxed and polemic in tone, intentionally "naive" as the author claims. There will soon be a Russian edition. After decades of critical remarks while teaching internationally, some of these notes were put together as a sort of tribute to the former audiences. In a world so divergent and unequal as ours these critical notes for some will be a reminder of the ancient errors and for the others just a warning for what awaits them while trying to improve.

Tomislav Sladojević Šola was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1948. He is Professor at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Information and communication sciences, sub-department for Media and communication.

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